David Rausch
Managing Partner | DRP Architecture

David is born in Luxembourg, a multinational country with a multitude of surroundings. Beside the well-known financial sector, Luxembourg also shows a big demand in the real estate sector. Constructions and its impacts on an urban and social level, have always been of high interest to him.

David studied architecture at the Technical University in Vienna, as well as in Munich, and graduated with distinction in his Master’s Degree in Architecture with the University’s top grade. During his studies as well as after his graduation, David mostly worked in offices in Vienna and in Luxembourg. He deepened his knowledge mainly in architecture and project management.

Throughout his career he already worked for public authorities, for private companies as well as for private clients. Beside doing projects for individual clients, or architectural plans for competitions, David also got the chance to have been one of the leading project managers for the construction of a company’s new head office in Luxembourg, a total of ±15.000 sqm, which opened in 2019.

‘It’s always a bless to see how close you can get on a professional base with engineer teams, the constructor and especially with your client. This can lead to really good working conditions and to a fantastic result.’

David also shows a profound knowledge as an architect and project manager for transformations, and reconstructions, of existing buildings. This gives a new purpose and function to the available surface.

’It’s this particular variety of projects, in scale and function, which makes each project a unique one.’

David is looking forward to working with his team and his clients, and trying to have a positive impact on the quality of the buildings and the surroundings.

Ben Wessel
Architect | Designer

Ben brings a deep knowledge in architecture and design to the team. His striving for innovative and yet functional solutions, leads to new and more creative interpretations in projects.

At the age of only 16, he set the cornerstone of his early career with an apprenticeship as a construction draftsman at Helmut Ernst Landscape Architecture. Having worked for several years, Ben decided to continue his studies, and obtained his university entrance degree in Design in 2006. Fascinated about architecture, he decided to do an additional degree at the local University of Applied Sciences in Trier, where he successfully graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture.

Next to his educational career, Ben worked in Germany and Luxembourg taking multiple roles, such as a Communication Designer at MN-Design and KWF Business Consultants S.A., but mainly as an architect for several years. During his university life he deepens his design and team work skills in several interdisciplinary projects. Enriching experience in architectural competitions have been rewarded with first prices and awards.

In 2019, having known and already worked with David for several years, he decided to follow him in the newly developed ‘DRP Architecture’ company. Excited about his new role, Ben is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his team, and most importantly with his clients.

Simay Demircan
Architect | Interior Designer

Simay is a passionate architect and interior architect, and a proud member of the DRP Architecture team. Before moving to Luxembourg, she acquired diverse knowledge in the cradles of architecture in Turkey, Italy and France.

Simay’s career started at the Bilkent University, one of Turkey’s highest ranked universities, where she obtained her BSc degree in Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. After graduation, she decided to enrich her architectural background and obtained her first MSc in Industrial Design, and a second masters degree in Architecture/Architectural Design at one of the top universities in the world – Politecnico di Milano. Right after completing her MSc studies, Simay moved to Paris to work as an architect and interior designer at a well-known architectural company. During her time in Paris, Simay strengthened her knowledge in the fields of architecture, interior architecture and urban development, as her team took part in several worldwide competitions, where they were selected as the winners.

As a valued member of the DRP Architecture team, Simay looks forward to contributing to the company’s success by maximizing her diverse set of skills and experience, and ensuring the best possible solutions for her clients.

Karim Elian
Architect | Project Manager

Karim is a Lebanese Greek architect. He studied architecture at “Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts” (ALBA) in Beirut Lebanon and graduated with a Master’s Degree in architecture.

He worked in Beirut for many years before moving to Luxembourg. He has a broad experience in small and large-scale project located in many parts of the worldsuch as the Gulf area, Egypt, Nigeria and Lebanon. Throughout the years he gained a polyvalent knowledge by catering for different clients and sectors :residential, educational, corporate (banks and company headquarters), industrial (production and storage area of an agri-food group) as well as embassies, theatres, hotels, shopping centers and religious buildings. As a project manager, he has developed coordination skills which helps to communicate with team, engineers and authorities.

His architectural reflection is characterized by the priority given to lived experience. He favors the architectural experience through light, framing of the environment and its enhancement. He likes to include the effect of surprise in the treatment of space. He is an expert in Sacred Art.

Urbanism is also a passion for him. He finds that the design of buildings must be part of a broader perspective. He participated in several training courses in urban planning including “City X: the past, present and future of urban life” of Harvard University and in the conference “City Models” of ESCP Business School. He contributed in a “placemaking” workshop, a collaborative urban process that strengthens the connection between people and the places they share.

Work done in the best possible way is an absolute value for him, out of respect for himself and the clients. Being part of DRP since 2020, Karim is very enthusiastic to share his values, experience and knowledge.

Alberto Campos
Architect | Project Manager

Alberto was born in Spain and holds a Master of Architecture and Urban Planning from the UCH-CEU Cardenal Herrera University, and a Master in Architectural Management and Design from the IE Business School in Madrid.

After his studies he worked internationally for Spanish and Australian companies. With over 9 years of experience in all fields of architecture, interior architecture and project management, Alberto has worked on projects that include commercial and residential, offices, hotels, hospitals, sporting arenas, as well as religious establishments. His range of projects span through South America, Spain and the Middle East.

His passion for architecture goes beyond the concept of design. He believes that environmentally sustainable architecture is the future and strives to create the best conscious designs giving top priority to safety, quality and sustainability. He enjoys working independently, as well as the thrill of a multi-disciplinary team environment, with proven ability to work successfully with clients and colleagues from a variety of countries and cultures.

Throughout the years, his experience has not only  allowed him to build prodigious projects but also great client relationships. With a keen interest in project management he is the person of trust for one’s architectural dream.

Ergun Ayral
Interior Designer

Coming very soon.